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Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy for Mental Health Week, and for the other 51 weeks

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week 2020.

A chance for the country to focus on its collective mental health.

This year’s theme is kindness, with the week running from 18 – 24 May.

I want you to think of this as the start of something.

Not something that ends on the 24th and you somehow go back to being unkind to yourself on the 25th.

Lower your stress and anxiety, be kind to yourself.

Being kind to yourself is a good place to start with mental health. So much of the time we beat ourselves up.

As the saying goes, “If being hard on yourself was going to work, it would’ve done so years ago”.

Mental health - Why it’s more important than ever to check in with yourself

We’re living through unusual times.

Spending more time with our families. Some describe it as being like Christmas without the presents.

Unsure of our futures: our health, jobs, relationships, unable to see loved ones.

For some, this is a time to slow down. Explore our thoughts and relax.

For others, you may find your stress and anxiety go off the scale.

As they say, the one thing you can’t escape is yourself.

And your thoughts.

If this is the case you need to think about your coping mechanisms.

How can Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy help?

If we break it down the ‘Cognitive’ bit is looking at your thoughts.

‘Behaviour’ is how you’re acting. May be eating more. Smoking more. Being lethargic: not seeing the point in doing anything.

‘Hypnotherapy’ is as it says. Using hypnosis as a therapy to make a calmer, less stressed, more confident version of you.

Let’s take a step-by-step look

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy. Is basically mental health awareness by another name.

I work with you to look at your patterns of thought to see what when and where you’re stressed.

It might even be random thoughts that pop in your head.

All the same, the one power you have is this:

You can choose whether to act on a thought or let it go sailing by. Not bother you. Not even touch the sides.

And this is what we work on as a team.

Letting the bad stuff go and replacing it with a new, calmer, more confident and relaxed version of you.

One that lasts all year round.

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