The Gentle Mind

Sports imagery

Sometimes this is mistakenly called visualisation.

But we work with all senses to create, or re-create an experience.

Working together with CBT Hypnotherapy, we can work on any sport to help you:

  • Put yourself in that moment and try to prepare yourself.
  • Seeing yourself winning.
  • Staying calm in front of the crowds.
  • Staying calm between rounds.
  • Correcting errors e.g. getting your golf swing/tennis serve back.
  • ‘Training’ when you’re injured.
  • Rediscovering your love of your sport (finding your lost ‘mojo’).
  • Dealing with pressure.
  • Controlling your adrenaline.
  • Removing distracting thoughts.
  • Game planning.
  • Confidence/belief.

We’ll look at, and work with, the physical environment of your sport. Your aims. Practice in slow motion or real-time. Remind yourself how you should feel, think and act at all stages. This will be the basis for your hypnotherapy scripts and our work between our sessions.

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