The Gentle Mind

Weight loss

This isn’t about diets or exercise.

It’s about breaking your patterns of behaviour: your habits.

If you’re not hungry your eating is in some way linked to an emotion.

You’re anxious, stressed, upset, bored, looking for relief from something else that’s missing in your life – you’re feeling lonely or unloved maybe.

CBT Hypnotherapy looks at these underlying reasons.

How? We will work together to:

  • Make a plan for you so you can recognise the places and feelings that make you eat more than you should.
  • Look at the evidence. The harm to your health. The cost.
  • Write a diary of how you think, feel and act between sessions. We can use this for the basis of our sessions when we meet.
  • Teach you how to relax when you’re stressed, agitated or anxious – the causes of your overeating.
    This is important - when you relax you regain a sense of perspective so you become less tense; the need to overeat disappears.
  • Hypnotise you in the sessions together and how to use self-hypnosis on your own. This helps you relax even more and builds confidence.
  • Help you on a daily basis avoids the situations that make you eat. We can rehearse and act these out.
  • Build your self-belief so you don’t relapse. Make sure you feel good about yourself. What we will ask of you is to be prepared to carry out what we suggest to you between our sessions. Why? Because CBT is hands-on - it needs your commitment to change.
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