The Gentle Mind

Hypnotherapy for business owners

When it’s going well it’s a great feeling. You love working for yourself, being the boss, you don’t want others telling you what to do, the straight jacket of the corporate world.

On the other hand, there’s cash flow to manage, marketing your value, making the sales funnel work, the competition, and the head-scratching thought of how do you scale things? Red tape, hiring good staff, the list goes on.

I can be your business buddy for the following.


It’s hard switching off and it’s all too easy to take work thoughts and worries to bed with you.

This can mean it’s hard getting to sleep, you wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep: you’ve taken too much to bed, you get restless legs, and you grind your teeth.

Learning to relax through hypnosis at bedtime gives you a better night’s sleep. And helps you:

  • Get sick less often
  • Stay at a healthy weight
  • Lower your risk for serious health problems, like diabetes and heart disease
  • Handle stress better and improve your mood
  • Think more clearly
  • Get along better with people


However much you think you thrive on pressure, it still builds up. You take more and more on your shoulders and think you can take it, but we all have our coping mechanisms and breaking points.

Suddenly you find yourself getting ratty with the kids, chewing your nails down, living on snack foods, drinking too much coffee, drinking too much alcohol, taking too many drugs, all of which you think is ok, but it’s not.

And then something gives. Your blood pressure goes through the roof, sex drive through the floor, you’re piling on the pounds, you’re shedding pounds.

But what you have to do is learn to give yourself a break.

We can work on how you step away. Mentally and physically.


This is learning to say no without saying no - especially when you have a demanding client or one that matters to you and they know they do. It’s to stop the tail wagging the dog.

In other words being assertive means being able to stand up for your own rights in a calm and positive way, without being either aggressive or passively accepting 'wrong'. We can work on getting your point across without upsetting others or becoming upset yourself.


For the moments when you doubt yourself. You think to yourself, “Can I really do this?”

We can work on self-belief. Not letting negative thoughts in. Don’t waste your time. Enjoy what you’re doing.


The feeling of worry and nervousness about the future stops you from enjoying the here and now. And part of enjoying the here and now is planning for the future and not giving it too much meaning. Don’t be distracted.

Hypnosis is great for this. Teaching you to relax. Control what you can and not worry about the things you can’t control - the weather, the world economy, the government, the markets.

Who am I?

I’m James Thomas. A Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist. I started my business in the back room of my house. I now have offices in Leeds, York, Lincoln and Louth.

I’ve helped architects, plumbers, management consultants, accountants, civil engineers, commodity brokers, and even NHS Trusts.

I’m at and on 07787563099.

Get in touch to talk about how we can work together to make your business a calmer place to be.

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