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What is Hypnotherapy?

What is Hypnotherapy?

Literally, the word ‘Hypnotherapy’ is really two words in one.

“Hypno” is short for hypnosis. From an ancient Greek word meaning to sleep (not the most helpful as you’re not asleep when you’re hypnotised - you’re still aware of everything around you).

“Therapy” refers to finding a remedy to a health problem. Mental or physical. Yet again, it comes from a Greek word and literally means "curing" or "healing”.

What does Hypnotherapy do?

Long term hypnotherapy helps you change something about yourself that’s causing you concern such as:

  • You’re overweight
  • You smoke
  • You’re scared of spiders, flying, open spaces
  • You’re constantly stressed
  • You want to be fitter, a better athlete
  • You’re lacking confidence
  • You have an addiction – smoking, drinking, drugs, social media, sex, gambling.

Basically, hypnotherapy can help with any issue to do with your physical or mental wellbeing.

Hypnotherapy - Here's what you do

Firstly, we talk about what we hope to achieve.

Practically, this means hypnosis – a deeply relaxed state where your attention is focused on what I’m talking about (this is based on what you want to achieve).

To be clear. You’re fully in control when under hypnosis. You don’t have to take on board my suggestions if you don’t want to.

Then I bring you out of hypnosis.

And remember, hypnosis doesn’t work if you don’t want to be hypnotised.

But if you do believe in the suggestions you can help yourself be a better version of yourself – in mind and body.

The therapy I use - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is based on the idea that your thoughts, feelings and actions are all linked.

Your negative thoughts and feelings affect your actions and can trap you in a vicious cycle.

We work together (you the patient and me the hypnotherapist) to create a virtuous circle.

How? We look at the problems that are overwhelming you, break them down into smaller parts and look at things in a more positive way.

In effect, your current thoughts, feelings and actions are the basis for my suggestions when I hypnotise you. They become practical ways to improve your thinking on a daily basis.

Does it work? The effectiveness of Hypnotherapy

Since the 1950s more than 12,000 articles on hypnosis have been published in medical and psychological journals.

For example, recent studies have confirmed the effectiveness of hypnosis to reduce pain. Studies on hypnosis and pain management at Mount Sinai School of Medicine tested the effectiveness of a 15-minute pre-surgery hypnosis session in a clinical trial with 200 breast cancer patients. Patients receiving hypnosis reported less post-surgical pain, nausea, fatigue and discomfort.

Find out more about how clients have benefited from treatment by The Gentle Mind.

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